Antonia Stowe Artist Sculptor Creator Visual

Antonia’s work is often based on public engagement, research and undertaken with stakeholder involvement and dialogue. She researches the history and ideas of a particular site or space, delving beneath the obvious surface to unearth deeper stories and meanings.  This research results in concepts, designs, images and three dimensional art works that seek to embody a symbolic meaning of place. The outcome connects at an emotional level with the people and location in which the work is situated.

Sometimes the works are challenging and thought-provoking, such as the current commission at Huddersfield University for creation of a permanent Holocaust Memorial Sculpture ‘6 million +’

With a background in sculpture, landscape and the built environment Antonia’s work is concerned with connecting people with places or a subject matter.  This may be site specific artwork, heritage projects, and  issues faced by the communities and addressed and explored through creative practice.

“Antonia is a pleasure to work with; she has clarity of thought and is able to communicate in a way that draws the best out of those she works with. Creativity is at the heart of Antonia’s projects as she is able to take the apparently mundane contexts and create art that displays her originality and passion.  Antonia is organised, thorough and a good team player in the design team context.”    Penny Sanders , Landscape Architect and CEO of Seven Art