Antonia Stowe Creative Facilitator Leeds and United Kingdom

Trinity Owl

Using traditional materials with a contemporary aesthetic, the gold reflects the richness of the city, its heritage and future. The silver refers back to the original colour of the owls from the Savile coat of arms.  Modelled in wax, cast in bronze and gilded the Owl sits high above, talons hanging over the edge welcoming everyone to Trinity Leeds.

The commissioning of an owl sculpture is in the spirit and tradition of Leeds as the owl is displayed on the Leeds coat of arms. For over 400 years throughout the city and beyond the civic authority,    property developers, and home owners have adorned their buildings, public spaces and structures with different interpretations of the Leeds owls.  The ‘Trinity Leeds Owl’ is now part of this great  tradition and commemorates the moment when Trinity Leeds became an integral part of the city’s heritage creating a lasting legacy.

Commissioned by Land Securities for Trinity Leeds Retail, Leeds, UK