Temporary Events

Temporary Live Events can be really exciting. Whether you want to commission something fun or interactive they can generate different audiences, develop new collaborations and create excitement and energy for a short period of time drawing attention to a space or activity.

Antonia works with the client to explore a host of ideas to create exciting temporary events.

These events could include working with visual artists, dancers, performers, magicians, theatre companies, graffiti specialists, caricature artists and many more. However it is the twist, the unexpected designed into the events that brings the space alive.

Working with audiences is something that Antonia has extensive experience with. With her attention to detail and curating exciting and amazing experiences all works towards creating wonderful memories for audiences circulating.

Temporary Events have included;

Paint Firing Event, Graffiti Car Event, Chroma Van, Jump, Trinity Leeds Time Line, 100 Buskers, Stained Glass WIndows, Resident Poet, Portrait Artists, Sushi Art…..